Yaki Soba omelette


50g Sliced Pork Belly 

1 pack of Yaki soba Noodles 

2 Eggs

1/8 Cabbage

2 tsp Okonomiyaki sauce (Or Barbecue sauce) 

20cc Oil 


5 tsp Okonomiyaki sauce (Or Barbecue sauce) 

3 tsp Mayonnaise 

2g Seaweed (Optional)

5g Bonito Flakes (Optional)


Cut cabbage and pork belly into small pieces

Add pork and cabbage to pan,stir fry until cabbage is soft

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif


Add noodles and Okonomiyaki sauce

Stir well and fry for 1min 30sec

Transfer noodle mix to plate

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif


Mix 3 eggs in a bowl and put on side

Heat oil in a pan then add the egg mix

Move pan in circular motion to create a thin omelet


Add noodle mix to the top half of omelet

Fold Egg so that it wraps all the noodles

Transfer to a plate


Add cover in sauce and mayonnaise

Sprinkle on seaweed and bonito flakes

Or add any toppings of your choice!