Tofu & Edamame burger


120gm Tofu

3gm Salt

2gm Black pepper

20gm Edamame

15gm flour

10cc Vegetable oil 

50gm Diced onion

100gm tomato relish


Dry Tofu with paper towel

Crumble into small pieces

Add salt, pepper, flour, and edamame

Mix well

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif


Heat pan and add oil.

Dice onion and cook until it gets brown

Remove onions and cool

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif

Mix & Shape

Add fried onion to mixture

Mix until mixture is consistent

Form mixture into burger shapes


Heat pan to medium heat

Add oil into fry for 3 mins

Flip and cook for another 3min.



Transfer to plate

Add tomato sauce to plate