Pork & Cheese Katsu


120gm Pork Loin

50gm Cheese

100gm Bread crumbs

3 Egg

75gm Onion

120cc Water

1 Vegetable stock cube

10gm Sugar

40cc Soy Sauce

1gm salt  

1gm black pepper

10gm Flour

500cc Vegetable oil

5gm Green onion

Pork & Cheese

Slice pork cutler in half

Add cheese inside


Cover pork in flour

Dip pork in egg

Cover pork in breadcrumbs

Pack breadcumbs tightly 

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif


Heat oil to 170°c / 330°f

Fry pork cutlet for apox. 3 min.  

Cool down and slice into strips

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif


Add Vegetable stock to pan

Then add Sugar and Soy sauce

Add sliced onion into pan

Bring sauce to boil and add katsu on top

COver in EGG

Whisk two eggs

Cover katsu in egg

Cook for 30 sec on high heat

Pork & Cheese Katsu GIF 7.gif


Transfer to plate

Cover in green onions