100g Thinly sliced pork belly

200g Sliced cabbage

160g Yam (Optional) 

80g Flour

50cc Water 

3 Eggs


5 tsp Okonomiyaki sauce (Or Barbecue sauce) 

3 tsp Mayonnaise 

2g Seaweed (Optional)

5g Bonito Flakes (Optional)


Slice Cabbage into strips

Remove skin and puree the yam (optional)

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif


Add flour, egg, water and yam puree into a mixing bowl

Whisk well and add cabbage to the mixture

Stir until batter mixture is consistent

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif

cook & Flip

Fry pork belly strips in pan

Once pork is cooked cover in batter mixture

Cover pan and cook on a low heat for 5 minutes

Flip over, cover pan and cook for 3 minutes

Fry & Flip

Remove pancake from pan

Add 2 eggs to the pan and spread out evenly

Place pancake on top of egg mix and cook for 1 minute

Flip and transfer pancake to plate


Cover in sauce and mayonnaise

Sprinkle on seaweed and bonito flakes

Try creating your own unique flavours