Chicken Omelet rice ball


30gm Minced Chicken Breast

30gm Diced Onion

30gm Diced Green Peppers

100gm Rice

1 Egg

35gm Ketchup

10cc Oil

3gm Salt

2gm Black Pepper

Ginger Pork Onigiri GIF 1.gif


Add diced onions, green peppers and minced chicken

Then add the salt and pepper 

Fry for 3 mins on in medium heat 

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif


Add white rice and ketchup into pan

Stir well and fry for 1 min  

Okonomiyaki GIF 3.gif


Heat pan and add oil

Pour beaten egg into pan to form a thin omelet 

Remove and coo 


Place saran wrap on table

transfer Omelet to saran wrap

Add the rice mixture 

Form a ball with the rice inside the saran wrap


Remove Omelet from saran wrap

Cut into two pieces 

Cover in more ketchup